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Luck tries to wake up ____ (collab)(MLP) :iconangeldragonyingyang:AngeldragonYingYang 1 0 Madeline and Jasmine(MLP) :iconangeldragonyingyang:AngeldragonYingYang 2 0 Lunar :iconangeldragonyingyang:AngeldragonYingYang 2 0 Jasmine troll face :iconangeldragonyingyang:AngeldragonYingYang 1 7 Kage Rin :iconangeldragonyingyang:AngeldragonYingYang 1 0 Jason and Chica(HV) :iconangeldragonyingyang:AngeldragonYingYang 0 0 JasmIne with one of her OC :iconangeldragonyingyang:AngeldragonYingYang 0 0 The Puppet Scares Vincent/Purple guy (mlp) :iconangeldragonyingyang:AngeldragonYingYang 2 2


[The Night We Met] Victor Nikiforov x Blind!Reader
Pairing: Victor Nikiforov x Blind! Reader
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
- -
You were no expert by any standard-not really- but you had won competitions ever so often when you did compete. There was always so much talk surrounding you that you often refrained from entering a competition you were thinking about. Most people looked at you in awe at your ability, but there were some who couldn't stand the idea of you ever skating.
The reason why was simple- you're a blind figure skater. You put time and dedication into your training, nearly spending every breathing moment on ice. You fell constantly, once even skating into the wall when you misjudged the distance, but always got up and you always got up alone. Your family- while loving and accepting- were not supportive of your dangerous choice in career. You argued that you could have opted for a fighter pilot or a bus driver, to which of course was blown way out of proportion when your mother worriedly cried about your jests.
It wasn't u
:iconamaranthinesiren:AmaranthineSiren 3 0
Mature content
Fem Jeff the Killer X Male Reader Part 1 :icondtrain132:dtrain132 72 32
Say cheese! [ BATIM chapter 2 ] [ Sketch version ] :iconhiyoko-little-chick:Hiyoko-little-chick 159 48 Amao Odayaka :iconjazzy12160:jazzy12160 1 0 Eriu Gods- Chaos True form :iconmedral:Medral 72 9 Girl with Bear - Base 06 :iconbasesmayura:BasesMayura 375 13 Yuri Kiss - Base Edit :iconbritishcyborg-69:BritishCyborg-69 15 0 +Base+ My tears will WHIP you :iconyummehcrayons:YummehCrayons 786 77 Meki//OC Ref :iconkookienat:KookieNat 3 0 In The Highlight Zone :iconbleuxwolf:Bleuxwolf 25 3 amaxia, kazaki and toy :iconartistfrab:ArtistFrab 2 0 Chibi Junko Enoshima :iconblitzkriegyudith:blitzkriegyudith 21 0 lavender blue, dilly dilly :iconinfinitesle:infinitesle 8 2 Star Wolfie Sketch :iconabicat3043:AbiCat3043 2 0
Innocent - Haruka Nanase x male reader
Enjoy it... not sure what it’s gonna consist of so yeah xD.
(H/c) – Hair colour
(H/l) – Hair length
(E/c) – Eye colour
(Y/n) – Your name
Your POV
You were obsessed with something. That something was the water. You didn’t know what attracted you to it the most, though it was probably the feeling of freedom. Your friend Haruka was like that too. One of your friends that enjoyed swimming as much as you do. Being friends with Makoto and Nagisa  brought a balance to your life. You  were friends with all three of them in middle school, however you had to move to somewhere else due to your parents finding work in that location (you pick the location where you move to). Luckily, you moved back a couple years later, still being good friends with all of them. You are even going to same high school as them, Iwatobi High. All of them still in love with swimming. It was the first time you were gonna see them since
:iconnoneofyabusiness:NoneOfYaBusiness 79 4
New Member - Free! X Male!Swimmer!Reader Chapter 5
A few months flew by, and before (name) had realized it, it was already the end of July, and when that moment came, he and every other student knew only one word.
“SUMMER!!!” (name)’s entire class screamed as the bell rang. Tables flipped over, papers flew everywhere like confetti, and the occasional textbook was shredded.
(name)’s homeroom teacher merely giggled at the explosion happening in front of her, before packing up her things and walking out of the messy classroom like it was nothing. (name) on the other hand, was not so calm. He was kicking his table over and throwing scraps of paper into the air like the others.
When the (h/c) student had enough, he picked up bag and deftly inched his way out of the mess that was once his classroom and walked out into the hallway. Turning on his heel, he went and looked for his senpais, and at the same time, got some attention from a group of first-year female students.
“Oh my god! There’s (name)-senpai!
:iconbronyforlife99:BronyForLife99 124 25


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Happy new year everyone!

Me and my OCs(Most of them) wish you guys a new year!

~Jasmine Unknown


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